All Soccer Levels | Co-Ed | K – 12th Grade

I amassed a dynamic career as a soccer player with elite team experience spanning various recreational, chamber, academy, varsity, and collegiate levels. I also have years of experience as both an individual soccer coach and a team coach. I received a coaching license from the U.S. Soccer Federation in 2017. As a personal soccer trainer, I’ve been working with kids for three years. As a team coach, I have one year of experience working for Highland Park Soccer Academy. I worked with all players in the club throughout the summer of 2020 and began my time as head coach of the HPSA 2012-2013 Boys team in the fall of 2020. I also coached a championship-winning YMCA team in the school year prior. Moreover, I’ll be in Dallas for the entire year if Harvard keeps us off campus, so I’ll likely remain in town until next summer. Needless to say, I will continue to maintain a reasonable distance from players and adhere to all other stipulated federal and state Covid-19 recommendations. I will also notify all clients and get tested immediately if I experience symptoms of the Coronavirus.