All Subjects | Boys and Girls | K – 8th Grade

I am concentrating in Government at Harvard University with minors in English and History. I also specialize in algebra, physics, and Spanish. Needless to say, I am comfortable with all topics at all standards & nominal levels of expertise. I have several years of experience in teaching each of the core secondary subjects.

Dallas, TX | Highland Park Neighborhood | 2020-2021 School Year

My college is doing only online classes in the upcoming school year. As such, I’ll be in the Dallas area until the summer of 2021. I have several students who already set to meet with me all year—but I’m still open to the prospect of gaining a few more clients.

Open for Tutoring via Web Conference | Anywhere in the U.S.

Given that most schools will be online when the school years starts, I’m tentatively planning to do all tutoring sessions online. As such, I’m not limited to merely the Dallas metropolitan area. Whether you are in Los Angeles, Anchorage, Honolulu, Miami, Boston, or anywhere in between, I am happy to teach your children via Zoom or Skype.